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Thank you for your interest in partnership, sponsorship, and donation opportunities. Our Emerging Leaders Series is a tremendous year of growth and we hope this packet allows you to quickly immerse yourself in their experiences. We look forward to partnering with you to help shape that growth into the future.

The mission of the Emerging Leaders Series is to provide youth the opportunity to attain life skills through creative environments and focused learning experiences. The desired outcome of the seminars is that the learning experience will identify and foster growth of their individual inner leadership capabilities and open their eyes to their civic responsibilities. The seminars will assist in reaching untapped talents beyond the traditional approach of classroom learning.

For seven years, the Scholarship Foundation and Canyon Lake High School have partnered to provide this unique experience to the sophomore class. Our ultimate goal is to expand the program into other area high schools.

Selection into the Emerging Leaders Series is now considered a prestigious honor in our community. Following successful completion of the Emerging Leaders Series, we continue to develop engagement opportunities for the graduates, including volunteer opportunities, mentorships, and eligibility for college scholarships.

Self-funding from the Scholarship Foundation Board, with the support of a small amount of donated funds, provided the tools necessary for a successful seminar series. The seminar series and the board are now in a position to launch a fundraising campaign to make this program stronger and have the capability to provide larger and broader scholarships for these most deserving students. The fundraising committee is now actively connecting with our business community to find partners that believe in the program’s philosophy. The Emerging Leaders are constantly growing and developing as students and young adults. Business partners, like yourself, will ensure that we provide the necessary funding and scholarships that will continue to foster the progress of this community and its young leaders.

The following packet will provide you a quick glance at a year’s Emerging Leaders Series experience.  Increased community reach and partnerships can quickly support the expansion of the program’s success. If you should have any questions please feel free to contact the Scholarship Foundation Board at any time.


Click Here for our "Year in the life of an Emerging Leader" packet.


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